Ocean Sensory Bin


With Summer quickly approaching and family beach trips on the agenda...what better way to get the kids excited then with an Ocean inspired sensory bin?! Complete with sand, shells, deep blue sea,  quirky ocean creatures...and Glo Pals, of course!


Step 1

Gather Your Supplies

Although we hope to inspire you to get creative and try your own spin on the project, here are our following suggestions:

  • Glo Pals!!!
  • Container (we just used a clear plastic storage bin!)
  • Sand
  • An assortment of sea shells
  • bath time ocean creatures or figurines
  • blue food coloring
  • water

    Step 2

    mix in a few drops of food coloring 


    Step 3

    Toss in some Glo Pals!


    Step 4

    add sand!


    Step 5

    Pour in your Glo-ing deep blue sea 


    Step 6

    Add some sea creatures and shells!

    Now Dive In! 

    Did you try this? Show us your take on the Ocean Sensory Bin by tagging #glopals!