Pal-entines Printables

These fun Palentines Day card printables are sure to set all your Pal’s hearts a-GLO! Download the free printable below.

Palentine Printable

click this image to download/print!



* Glo Pals!

* PAL-entines Day Card Printable

* ribbon (we used the flat,curling kind)


*hole punch (we used a mini)


Print & Cut

Print your free PAL-entines card printable; make sure your print scale is set to 100% so your Glo Pal matches the face on the card! Carefully cut along the guides with a paper cutter or scissors.

Closely supervise kids in this step! We don’t want our Pals to get hurt!


Punch & Thread

Using a hole punch, punch two holes into the card -one at the top of the Pal’s face illustration, and one at the bottom of the Pal’s face. Then, with a small piece of ribbon, thread through the slot in the Glo Pal (the slot is there so water can activate the sensor inside which makes your Pal Glo! Cool, huh?!)


Continue to thread through you Glo Pal until you reach the other side. Then, thread the ribbon through the second hole and secure in the back by tying a bow or knot.


Last step...give to all your PALENTINES!!! And don’t forget to tag us on Instagram & Facebook!

Brittney LeighAnn