Baby And Toddler Pal Play Ideas: Glo Blocks

Glo Pals are a great sensory tool for babies and toddlers, but it is important to keep little ones safe from potential hazards (hence we recommend that the Pals are for 3+ yrs old). That’s why we are sharing some great ways for younger kids to play with the Pals in enclosed and contained ways. First up we made some Glo Blocks!


We found these perfect little containers at our local Dollar Tree. They cost $1 for a pack of 12. We filled each container with water and then added a Pal. We ensured that the lid was firmly fastened. If using these with babies, we strongly recommend adding some tape to the lids just to be sure. Also be sure to always supervise the play.


As soon as the lids were on we knew these Glo Blocks would be a big hit with our 2 yr old play enthusiast. She let out a gasp, quickly followed by a squeal when she first saw the Glo Blocks! All the colors were shining so brightly and the little Pals’ faces were visible through the lids!


How to Play with Glo Blocks

At first she was very intrigued by the containers, carefully manipulating them in her hands to figure out how it was lighting up. She also gave them all a good shake. Encourage your child to be hands on and use their senses. Ask them simple prompt questions even if you know they cannot verbalize an answer. By talking about what they can see you are exposing them to valuable vocabulary and language modeling.


Being a toddler, her natural instinct was to try and open the containers, but as they were small and sturdy she struggled. We also explained that the containers would only Glo if the water stayed inside and she was happy to stick to that rule. This is a good example of setting simple boundaries, even with younger kids, to help them enjoy sensory play sessions.


The Glo Blocks were great for prompting lots of color recognition and vocabulary. As we mentioned earlier, even if your child is only a baby, regular exposure to color names will be helping them to gain understanding. Our little tester loved pointing out the colors and stacking them into color towers.


She also had lots of fun arranging them into pictures and shapes (with a little help of course). Activities like this are great for helping kids to develop their fine and gross motor skills.


Of course, our little tester also spent a big chunk of time just building towers with her Glo Blocks. She experimented to see how high she could make towers, how she could create color patterns within the tower, and finally she enjoyed engineering some little city skylines.


Even babies and toddlers can enjoy simple STEM play through using blocks. These Glo Blocks will encourage sensory stimulation, motor skill and language development, as well as being loads of fun! Remember to always supervise the play and enjoy the fun with your child.

Lucy BakerComment