Baby & Toddler Pal Play Ideas: Sensory Glo Bags


Glo Pals are a great sensory tool for babies and toddlers, but it is important to keep little ones safe from potential hazards (hence we recommend that the pals are for 3+ yrs old). That’s why we are sharing some great ways for younger kids to play with the pals in enclosed and contained ways. So far we have shared our Glo blocks & sensory Glo bottles with you, and now we are sharing how to make sensory Glo bags for your babies & toddlers.


Have you tried making sensory bags for your little yet? It’s really easy to do and such an awesome sensory experience for them. Best of all… the mess is contained and you don’t need to worry about choking hazards. Although we of course still strongly recommend supervised play at all times!

To make these sensory Glo bags we just filled small ziplock bags (get good quality ones so they don’t leak!) with approx. 2/3 water, added a fun filler (we used googly eyes, sequins, flower and animal beads, and pom poms), and then add in your favorite pal! Seal the bag and just to be safe we added some tape around the top. You can always add some glitter and food coloring if you want an added wow-factor!


How to play with sensory Glo bags

to start with it is important just to give your child time to explore the bags. it can be tempting to intervene and direct their play, but they will gain confidence and independence if you allow them to lead their own play.


Our toddler tester was so intrigued by the glowing bags. At first she just gently poked and prodded them. Don’t worry if your child seems a little hesitant to be hands-on with the bags. A new experience like this can be overwhelming. Simply give them time and role model how fun the bags are by joining in after a little while. Our tester soon discovered that she could make the contents of the bags move around. she especially enjoyed squiggling the googly eyes!


Next up she worked her fine motor skills by trying to grasp the pom poms in the blue bag. She carefully manipulated the pom poms until she could squeeze them between her two fingers. Great for working her little hand muscles, and her patience!


A really fun game to play with sensory bags is ‘i spy’. You can say something like ‘i spy with my little eye… a blue whale’ and watch as your child searches for the object in the bag. If you are playing with a toddler, you can even let them have a turn too (no guarantee they won’t reveal the location straight away though!!). 


Sensory bags work well because you can pretty much put anything inside for your little one to explore. You can even put in their favorite little toys and make it into a glowing swimming pool with Blair! Just remember to still supervise the play and use the opportunity to ask prompt questions to support their learning. Happy playing!

Lucy Baker