Where to Play with your Pals!

Most of our customers love to use their Pals in the bath and we totally agree that the tub is an awesome spot for Glo Pals to work their magic. But there are so many more places to play with your Pals! Where will you play with your pals next?

Bath Tub:

Like we said, this is the most logical place. It’s big, it’s already full of water, and let’s face it, sometimes kids need a little fun factor to get them excited about bath time! Whether it’s as simple as adding a few Pals to the tub to explore, setting up a potion bath with utensils and containers, or even making a themed bath with foam cut outs, there really are endless options using the bath tub! It’s also really cool when you get to see the pals’ faces shining onto the side of the tub.


Sensory Bin:

Do your kids love sensory play? If the answer is yes, then they will also love adding their Pals to their sensory bins! A sensory bin is simply a play set up using a sensory material (in this case water), which is contained in some sort of bin or storage container. The awesome thing about sensory bins is that you can tailor them to meet your child’s passions. Are they crazy about diggers? Would a flower shop bin get them excited? You name it, the Pals can do it! In the image below we used a large under-bed storage container to make a fresh flower sensory bin with Alex, Lumi and Pippa.


You’ll also notice in some of our posts that we use a sensory table. The table is actually just from IKEA and it is perfect for Pal play! It is the IKEA FLISAT Children’s Table, costing $49.99. We use two large IKEA TROFAST Storage Bins with it, each costing $3. The great thing about this table is that you can fill one side with water and the other side with fine motor tools, loose parts, toys etc. It gives the child so much room for exploration and play!


Using the FLISAT table is also a great way to handle the ‘but my kids don’t like the same thing’ problem. Here you can see how we set up dinosaurs and mermaids, and whales and diggers. So many play possibilities and it took literally a matter of minutes to prepare!


Sink Play:

This one is a little less obvious but we promise your kids will LOVE it! Using the sink as somewhere to set up an invitation to play is actually a really great way of containing the mess! Plus it has a huge novelty factor! Our kids think it is so cool being allowed to climb up on a chair, fill the sink with water, and explore the themed set up. There is a great hashtag to follow on Instagram called #sinkplayfriday, so many inspiring ideas. The picture below shows how you can simply add some fresh flowers and your favorite pal to make an inviting and very manageable sensory play set up for your little.


In Drinks:

This one might come as a surprise but Glo Pals can be used in drinks! We obviously strongly recommend you use lids and straws when kids are involved to eliminate any choking risks. We love using Glo Pals to make seasonal drink making invitations. They are the perfect center piece for a kids’ table!


Not only is it great fun, but having a drink station like the Easter-themed one above leads to so much fine motor skill development and color conversation!


Sensory Bottles & Bags:

This is a great option if you are wanting to share Glo Pals with younger members of the family. We had a blast making glowing sensory bottles and sensory bags for our toddler tester! It eliminates the worry of small parts being a choking hazard, and also completely contains the mess!


The fun thing about sensory bottles and bags is that you can add lots of different and interesting loose parts to really capture your child’s interest & imagination.


Small Containers:

Don’t worry if you are reading this feeling a little overwhelmed. If you are just starting out with sensory play, we’d recommend keeping things simple. Why not just use the Glo Pals and some water in small containers? A simple pot or bowl will work just fine! Watch as your child enjoys putting the Pals in the water and taking them out to see them ‘turn on and off’.


If working with younger kids, you can even put the lids on the containers and use them as small glowing building blocks!



Did you know that you can even take your Glo Pals outside?! We’ve seen some really creative uses, even in the swimming pool, but one of our favorite ways to use the Pals outside is to make lanterns with them. You can check out our Halloween Lanterns blog for more details. Simple but so much fun!


The play possibilities truly are endless with Glo Pals. As long as you have water, your Pals, and a passion for play, we guarantee you’ll have a blast!

Lucy Baker