Recycle Your Pals

Did you know that once you’ve had hours of fun with your Glo Pals and their shine has gone, you can recycle them? In celebration of Earth Day, we want to help spread the word about why it’s important to get your kids involved with this process, even from a young age.


When we started producing the Pals, it was really important to us that we weren’t just adding more plastic waste to the world. That’s why we made sure that they could be recycled by taking them to your approved local recycling facility or drop off location. You can find your nearest location by searching ‘button batteries’ at


Recycling the Pals is a great opportunity to teach your kids about the importance to being a responsible citizen and looking after the Earth they live on. We found this perfect little recycling bin at The Dollar Tree and have it readily available to our kids. As soon as a Pal runs out of shine, they are responsible for putting it in the recycling bin. Once the bin is full, we plan a trip to our local recycling facility and dispose of them safely.


You can even extend the learning to get your kids working their fine motor and counting skills by giving them some tongs and asking them to count how many Pals they are recycling. Making an activity relatable and relevant to your kids will go a long way towards getting them engaged and motivated to help in the future. Our kids now always like to ask if something can be recycled before throwing it away. Mission accomplished!


We are offering a special 15% discount if you send us a picture of yourself or your little one dropping off your Pals to be recycled to We so appreciate your support!

Lucy Baker